Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive Vinyl

Adhesive Vinyl is used to produce window decals, vehicles graphics, floor graphics, and many other signage applications. It is constructed with a repositionable or permanent adhesive, utilizing either a clear or white print surface. An over-laminate can be applied to increase durability as well as help resist fading due to exposure to sunlight.

FAV - NEW - Floor Adhesive Vinyl

Floor Adhesive Vinyl has a high-tack adhesive ideal for most floor surfaces icluding low pile carpet. It is combines with non-slip Floor Laminate to form a floor graphic that can be cleanly removed for up to one year.

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AGF - NEW - Sidewalk Adhesive Foil

Alumagraphics Grip Foil is a Slip-Resistant adhesive foil that naturally conforms to uneven surfaces on outdoor walkways. Printed using UV ink without lamination. Durable for up to one year outdoors. Can be installed and removed without any special equipment.




Note: AGF is a very expensive media so you should try to reduce your waste cost that is calculated in the background on the order page. The following outline recommended sizing for circles based on 2, 3 and 4 across the 53" media allowing for marks and spaces:


      • 5 UP: 9 1/2" diameter Circle ( 9 3/4" file with 1/8" bleed )


      • 4 UP: 12" diameter Circle ( 12 1/4" file with 1/8" bleed )


      • 3 UP: 16" diameter Circle ( 16 1/4" file with 1/8" bleed )


AGF (Specs - Alumigraphics Grip)

AGF (Install - Alumigraphics Grip)

AGF (MSDS - Alumigraphics Grip)

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SAV - Standard Adhesive Vinyl

Standard Adhesive Vinyl is durable outdoors for up to three years without lamination which is the new default for this product. However, if you choose, you can change this option to select lamination for a higher gloss finish and an increase in outdoor durability to about five years.

All Purpose Vinyl is a very versatile removable (with heat) adhesive vinyl utilizing "Comply" air release channels for fast and easy, bubble-free graphic installations. Can be used for a variety of applications to permanent surfaces including floors, windows and flat vehicle graphics.

SAV (Applications).pdf

SAV (Specs - IJ40C-10R).pdf

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RAV - Removable Adhesive Vinyl

Standard Removable / Changeable Adhesive Vinyl for short-term king and queen board promotional graphics on transit vehicles or box trucks and point-of-purchase displays that is removable withoit heat.

RAV (Applications).pdf

RAV (Specs - IJ36-20).pdf

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SRV - Standard-Reflective Adhesive Vinyl

Standard Reflective Adhesive Vinyl is non-removable and intended for production of non-critical traffic signs.

SRV (Specs - 3290).pdf

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OCV - Optically-Clear Adhesive Vinyl

Optically-Clear Adhesive Vinyl is non-removable and is used for back-light applications on acrylic and other creative design ideas using clear substrates with layered printing and white inks.The STANDARD default ink layering for this product is Non-reversed MULTI LAYER. If you would like your file Reversed or you want to utilize one of the other ink layering option please change this default selection.

OCV (Installation Instructions).pdf

OCV (Specs - IJ8150).pdf

OCV (Window Applications).pdf

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RAC - Repositionable Adhesive Clear

Repositionable Adhesive Clear is a clear vinyl with micro-suction adhesive, making it Removable and Reusable many times.It adheres to Glass making it a great substitute for 'cling' window products including 2nd surface outdoor windows. The STANDARD default ink layering for this product is Non-Reversed MULTI LAYER. If you would like your file Reversed or you want to utilize one of the other ink layering option please change this default selection.

RAC (Specs - GlassADhere)

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VAV - Vehicle Adhesive Vinyl

Vehicle Adhesive Vinyl is premium product that is removable (with heat) utilizing "Comply" air release channels for fast and easy, bubble-free graphic installations. Used for application to permanent curved and non-flat surfaces including vehicles, trailers and watercraft.

VAV (Specs- Avery MPI 1105 Easy Apply).pdf

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PAV - Perforated Adhesive Vinyl

Perforated Adhesive Vinyl is a premium product removable with heat. It has a 50/50 perforation pattern adhesive used for vehicle and retail window graphics that require maximum visibility through the graphic.

PAV (Specs - MPI 2528).pdf

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RAP - Repositionable Adhesive Perf

Repositionable Adhesive Perf is a 50/50 perforated one way view window vinyl with an adhesive that makes it Removable & Reusable many times.It is printed with UV Curable inks for scratch resistant surface without lamination. Because RAP can be applied unlaminated product it is extremely easy to install due do the exposed perforations and the ability to repososition image on the window. Lamination can be chosen if desired for longer durablity and easier cleaning, but it is NOT SUITABLE for vehicle graphics.

RAP (Specs - ContraVision).pdf

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RPV - Repositionable Poster Vinyl ( 60in )

Repositionable Poster Vinyl is a 6.0 mil repositionable, removable vinyl for short term indoor only wall posters and POP Graphics. It is a 60" wide ( 58" printable ) semi-rigid vinyl making it very easy to apply by hand. When possible a 1/4" to 1/2" border is recommended as graphics with heavier ink coverage may lift slightly at the edges over time.

RPV (Specs - WallNoodle).pdf

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