DyeSub Fabric

DSF - Display Fabric

Display Fabric

Display Fabric is a very versatile stretchable indoor fabric with high wrinkle resistance. DSF is used for a large range of applications including SEG Frames, Tension Tube displays and Table Covers. DSF also works very well for Banners applications, especially where there is a need to stretch the banner tightly over a structure ( not for use as a backlit ).

DSF - Specifications and Care


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HVF - Heavy Fabric

Heavy Fabric

Heavy Fabric is a soft fabric with a low-glare finish and slight stretch which makes it an excellent option for indoor banner applications where a more “luxurious” look is desired over traditional vinyl banners. HVF is also wrinkle resistant so it can be folded to reduce shipping and storage costs.

HVF - Specifications and Care


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BBF - Blackback Fabric

Blackback Fabric

Blackback Fabric has a white surface with a black coating on the backside making it perfect for any application where light blockout is desired including SEG frames, Pop-Ups, Retractables and Banners. It also works great as a Table Runner because of it's superior drape and it's ability to resist moisture leaking through onto table tops.

BBF - Specifications and Care


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BLF - Backlit Fabric

Backlit Fabric

Backlit Fabric is a knitted fabric designed for backlit graphics.This product has a brushed backside, which causes a uniform diffusion layer that allows for even light diffusion. BLF has good softness and wrinkle resistance as well as a slight stretch making it perfect for SEG backlit displays where graphics are changed out frequebtly and/or folded and stored. See LBF (UV) - Lightbox Fabric as an alternative for Lightboxes.

BLF - Specifications and Care


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LBF - Lightbox Fabric (UV)

Lightbox Fabric (UV)

Lightbox Fabric (UV) is tightly woven fabric printed at a high resolution using UV Inks to achieve an image density that makes it perfect for indoor SEG Lightboxes. However, LBF doesn't have the same softness or wrinkle resistance as the other fabrics which are printed using the Dye Sublimation process. See BLF - Backlit Fabric as an alternative when more wrinkle resistance is required.

LBF - Specifications and Care


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FGF - Flag Fabric

Flag Fabric

Flag Fabric is a sheer fabric used for "Feather" flags as well as applications where a sheer (see through) banner is required. FGF is printed using a penetrant that assures good show-through on both side of the fabric. It will last outdoors for anywhere from 12-18 months or even longer depending on weather conditions.

FGF - Specifications and Care