How do I place an Online Order?

Select an Order Page

Click the Signs & Banners or the Fabrics & Displays on the home page.


Select a Category and Product

Click the blue question marks to see the additional product or category details.


Enter File Size and Quantity

Size can be entered manually or by choosing a file from your computer and the scale can be adjusted to change the size as required.


Edit Production Options

Click on the Edit button to open Options then make your selections and watch for pricing changes at the top as different options are selected.

When done click on the Save button and the EDIT button on the order page will turn green to indicate your options have been edited.

If you hover over the EDIT button you will see what options you have selected without having to click on the EDIT button again.


Select Print Service

Rush service will cut the standard lead-time in about half ( business days ) and Economy is about double the lead-time.

The discount for Economy is usually only significant on larger orders. For HOT service you must call in to confirm the earliest time your order can be ready.


Select Delivery Service

Weight of the order is indicated if you are sending your own courier to Pick-up and if you would like us to ship your order the courier we will use is indicated.


Enter Order Reference

Enter a reference for the order that is unique and meaningful in case you need to look the order up later in My Orders to reprint.


Enter Order Notes

Enter order notes and in addition, enter any notes specific to a file next to the file on the order form.


Submit or Save Order

Submit your order immediately or save it to My Orders for submission at a later time.


Preview Prior to Final Submission

A preview popup will appear, at which time you can verify the details of your order before final submission.



You will receive an order confirmation email, as well as additional alerts once your file is proofed and then again when it is completed.

If you wish to follow the status of your order you can do so by selecting My Orders from the main menu.