How do I use White Ink & Layers in my File?


Adding White Ink to your file

Our UV Cured Ink printing technology allows us to add the spot colour White Ink into any of the three ink layers that we are capable of printing in one pass.

This White Ink can be used in a variety of different ways within your file and is only limited by your imagination!

In order to use White Ink, you must first create a white spot colour swatch named exactly as "White_Ink" as per below.

You can also adjust the levels of white ink as well as apply gradients.



Using Ink Layer options when ordering

A variety of layer options can be selected when ordering printed graphics on any of our clear and custom substrates.

Multi-Layer options do not require you to do anything to your file.

White-Layer options require you to add the White_ink spot colour to your file.

Custom- Layer option allows you to control exactly what is printed on each of the three print layers that are available.


  • How do I structure my 3 page PDF?  This option must always be a 3 page PDF where Page 1 is the Top Layer, Page 2 is the Middle Layer and Page 3 is the Bottom Layer. Each layer can only utilize one of the following three print layer options including Image (CYMK), White Layer (White_Ink Spot Colour) or it can be a Blank page. However, in most cases effects work best if any white ink is placed in the middle layer.
  • Why use a Blank Page?  A Blank page should be utilized when you only require two layers to achieve the custom look you are after. Our system however still requires a 3-page pdf to process the file properly.
  • How do I Reverse my file for Second Surface printing?  Custom Layers is the only option we have where you need to think about reversing (or mirroring) your file prior to print production as there is not a Reverse option you can select for Custom Layers like we have with our other Print layer options. We will simply always print page 1 on top, page 2 in the middle, and page 3 on the bottom. It is up to you to decide what goes on each layer and if it needs to be reversed in your file of not.
  • Can I add cut- lines to my file?  Any cut lines required for Shape, Kiss. Circle or radius cutting needs to be added into the Page 1 Top Layer and must be named with the spot colour "CUT" (all caps) in order to process properly through our system.
  • Can the same layer type be repeated? Each layer in your 3 page PDF can be whatever you want it to be as long as is an Image, White, or Blank. You may want to include 2 White layers if you are looking to double hit white for a better cover-up of dark material, You may want to do two image layers for a variety of effects including a double hit of some colours and a single hit of others.
  • Can Custom Layers be used for Backlighting? Custom layers can definitely be used for backlighting and is utilized in many creative ways by existing customers including adding double and triple hits of colour for deeper backlighting and single hits for subtle backlighting. Some customers even create "hidden messages" where lighter images and text are placed below darker areas on the top layer (page 1) and elements including text is only visible when backlit but not when front-lit (backlighting turned off).
  • How do I designate which type of Layer each page is? When using custom layers you must always indicate the type of layer (image, white or blank) in each of the three pdf pages (1,2 and 3) in the notes of your upload... examples: 1 Image, 2 White, 3 Blank or 1 Image, 2 White, 3 White or 1 image 2 White, 3 Blank, etc. However as indicated, you must always remember to reverse your files if required as we do not look question it during the file pre-flight process or look for it during the printing process.
  • Can I see a sample before printing the final product? You can upload a smaller sample (or samples) prior to printing which can then be sent back to you or a photograph can be taken and sent to you for approval. Any clear product can be used for a colour sample but we recommend unlaminated CPF (Clear Polyester Film) as it is optically clear without backing and is less expensive than most clear products that are used for final production. You need to upload a sample order the same as any other order and you are invoiced for the amount indicated on the upload. However, we will credit you for any set-up costs once a final order comes through if you make sure to request a set-up credit in the notes of your final order. We do not guarantee any "expected" outcome on Custom Layers so it is highly recommended that you place an order for a smaller sample(s) to assure the output aligns with your expectations.